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The importance of initiatives such as TUSAM TEKNIK is explained in the table below.

Until 2035, Turkey's railway system vehicle needs;

  • High Speed Trains 190 units

  • Electric Locomotives 1.400 units

  • Diesel Electric Locomotives 100 units  Maneuvering Locomotives 155 units

  • Electric Train Set 116 pieces

  • Diesel Train Set 75 pieces

  • Freight Wagons 33,000 units

  • Metro Vehicles 3.300 units

  • Tramways are planned as 650 units.

In this case, it is estimated that the investment amount of rail system vehicles planned to be purchased until 2035 will be at the level of 19 billion Euros. When 30 years of maintenance and spare parts are taken into account for a purchase of this size, the total cost is estimated to be around 38 billion Euros. Investments to be made in rail system vehicles in the medium and long term are large enough to contribute to the development of the domestic and national rail system vehicle industry in our country and to create a leverage effect for other sectors. In this context, sustainable, life cycle costs have been reduced and the creation of a competitive domestic rail system vehicles sector has become a priority issue. (1)

(1)  Domestic Production Working Group Report on Rail System Vehicles.pdf

Rail System Vehicles We Completed Electrical Project



Kocaeli Ulaşım Park

Kocaeli UlaşımPark

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, European Side Rail Systems Directorate


Olsztyn, Poland

Olsztyn, Poland

Our services

Electrical Project Design

​Elektrik Proje Tasarımı

Electrical Projects; Main groups are determined depending on the documentation systematic.  

  • Train Lines

  • Communication Lines - CAN - Ethernet

  • High Voltage

  • Grounding

  • Load Distribution

  • Brake System

  • Traction Unit

  • Vehicle Control Unit Input/Output

  • Dashboard Functions

  • Emergency Drive Functions

  • Distribution Boxes

  • Sensor Boxes etc...

We design electrical projects on EPLAN Electric P8 within the framework of railway standards and specifications.

The production documentation is prepared after completing the necessary revisions from the first moment of the project to the end of commissioning,


Devreye Alma

In addition to all the equipment in the list below, we also have a command of the basic functions and emergency driving functions.

  • Drive : Traction Control Unit (TCU), Traction motor, Speed Sensor.

  • Power System : Power supply, Power generation, Power conversion, Power distribution, Power storage.

  • Auxiliary Systems : Air supply system, Hydraulic system control,  Auxiliary electrical system.

  • Main Auxiliary Converter Equipment : Low Voltage Power Supply / Battery Charger equipment, Special Asst. Converter equipment, Battery equipment, External supply system, Cooling unit for power and drive systems, Fire protection system, Lubrication System.

  • Braking System :  Brake control system, Friction brake equipment, Wheel Slip Protection (WSP) equipment, Magnetic track brake equipment, Emergency braking equipment.

  • On- Board Vehicle Control : Electronic Train Control System (ETCS), Train Control Management System (TCMS), Heritage Automatic Train Protection (ATP) unit, Automatic Train Operation (ATO) unit, Event Recorder, Sound recorder, Camera System, Video surveillance, Electronic rearview mirror.

  • Passenger Information System (PIS) : Public Address System, Security Alarm Systems, Central Passenger Information System (PIS) unit, Driver-Machine Interface (DMI) for train / travel information, Validator system.

  • Communication Systems :  Roadside communication system, On-board communication system.

  • Cabling and Boxes

  • Door System :  exterior doors,  interior doors.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) :  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control unit,  Air conditioning system, Heating system,  ventilation and distribution system,  exhaust air unit,  Pressure protection system.

  • Slope System :  Slope Control Unit,  Activation System,  Pantograph tilt system, Tilt monitoring and detection.

  • Lighting :  emergency lighting system,  Exterior lighting system, Interior lighting system.

  • Connector :  Front coupler, Interconnector, Emergency coupler (Pull coupler).

Production Documentations

​Üretim Dokümantasyonu

Basically for the electrical panels, dashboard, roof and under the vehicle boxes in the vehicle;  

  • A list of materials

  • Hit List

  • Placement List

  • Terminal Groups

  • Special Assembly Requirements

  • Socket Sections

  • In-board Cabling List

  • Grounding

  • Documents such as Test Control Points are being created.

Production documentation is required for the following minimum reasons.

  • Operational efficiency and traceability  to increase,  

  • Reducing operating costs,

  • To reduce the possibility of operators making mistakes,

  • Preventing operators from taking initiative,

  • Accurate calculation of work done,

  • Calculation of required and lost time,

  • Material control for warehouse,

  • Fault detection and rapid intervention for after-sales,  

  • Documents to be submitted to businesses.


​Kablo Demeti

Used in rail system vehicles and automotive;

  • Selection of electrical cables according to standards,

  • Management of cable installations according to voltage differences,  

  • Voltage drop calculation,

  • Sizing by distance  

In addition to engineering services, with our experience;

  • Connector, Socket,

  • Spiral Socks,

  • Union, Grommet, Clamp

  • Labeling

as  We are working on the identification of products.

Troubleshooting - Technical Support

​Arıza Bulma - Teknik Destek

We are very happy to help all our friends in the sector. Because we know that every project has a story.

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