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Automation is technology in which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.  It has been obtained by various means, often in combination, such as mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic equipment and computers. Control complexity can range from simple on-off control to multivariate high-level algorithms.

Actually this is a math problem.  

Our Experiences

As TUSAM TEKNIK, we would like to share with you the experiences we have gained from the fieldwork for years.

Panel Design -  HMI

Pano Tasarım HMI

As sequential function graph, instruction list, ladder diagram, functional block diagram or structured text; the programming language is used according to the PLC model specified in the specification.
- Process control devices
- Speed control devices
- Encoder,
- Sensor,
- HMI design,
- It has many criteria such as switchgear material selection.

Industrial Cooling System

Endüstriyel Soğutma Sistemi

Central Cooling Systems are the control of more than one area to be cooled from a single center.  Special productions are made for the customers by giving importance to the energy management of the system, which is operated as a closed-loop system.

Poultry Development System

​Kümes Hayvanları Gelişim Sistemi

The "Poultry Development Tracking System", of which we are the project manager, has been successfully completed as KOSGEB R&D Innovation Project.

In addition to the experience gained in poultry farming, solutions can be produced in many subjects such as sensors, indicators, automatic checkweighers.

Internet of Things

​Nesnelerin İnterneti Zwave

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol primarily used in smart home networks, allowing smart devices to interconnect and exchange control commands and data.
With mesh networking and bi-directional communication via message acknowledgment, the Z-Wave protocol helps alleviate power issues and provides low-cost wireless connectivity to home automation,  It offers a lower-power alternative to Wi-Fi and a longer-range alternative to Bluetooth.

Water Management Systems

​Su Yönetim Sistemleri

By using M2M technology, we are able to manage wells that are spread over large areas. Although the project was initially planned as control and traceability, it has a deterrent effect for thieves.  later understood.
One of its biggest advantages is smart energy management. In this way, we fulfill one of our duties for future generations.

Data Collection Systems

​Veri Toplama Sistemleri

We have worked with software companies to interpret the information received from the field according to different communication techniques.
After collecting information about the efficiency of the looms, operational information such as weft, warp and stop in the textile sector can be traced and performance evaluated with the logic of a smart factory. Data collection devices are designed for companies in the health and food industry.

Motion Control Applications

​Motion Kontrol Uygulamaları

Our solutions cover the following topics.

  • Single axis motion solutions

  • Multi-axis motion solutions

  • CNC applications

  • Robot arm applications

In addition, proportional valve card design has been made for press brakes.

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