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Project Design

Proje Tasarım

As TUSAM TEKNIK , together with industry experts,  We start the life cycle of the product according to the following criteria.

Safety : Risk to humans or the environment

Accuracy : The difference between expected design and feasibility

Precision : Number of distinguishable measurements

Resolution : The smallest change that can be reliably detected

Response time: The time between the triggering event and the resulting action

Bandwidth: Amount of information processed per time

Sustainability : Flexibility that the device can be changed

Testability : Ease of verifying the proper operation of the device

Compatibility : Compliance of the device with current standards

Mean time between failure : Device reliability, lifetime of a product

Size and weight : Physical space required by the system

Power : The amount of energy required to run the system

Non-recurring engineering cost: One-time cost for design and testing

Unit cost: The cost required to produce an additional product

Prototyping time: Time required to design, build and test a sample system

Time to market: Time required to get the product to the customer

Human factors: The degree to which our customers like / dislike the product.

Reverse Engineering

​Tersine Mühendislik

We often hear about reverse engineering in mechanical engineering, but reverse engineering is also applied in electronics.  

Companies all over the world turn to reverse engineering to examine a competing design. This is how the development, debugging, modernization and TH (DIP) -> SMD conversion of a design made years ago are done.


​Sch & Pcb & Bom

After the schematic drawing of a functionally completed project is completed, a printed circuit board is drawn in suitable dimensions within the area determined for the design. Starting with the right footprint selection; there are many criteria such as AC/DC separation, current carrying capacities, grounding, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), correct positioning of connectors, correct partitioning of the design, balancing weight, warning information texts. 
As TUSAM TEKNIK  we can respond to several different versions over one pcb with multi-layers.

The Bill of Materials, or BOM, is an essential component of the dataset generated from the design project. It provides a way to calculate cost by creating a custom and powerful report, as well as a guide for you to create an alternative product list.

Embedded Software

​Gömülü Yazılım

A high-level language such as C, C++, or Python is used to write an embedded program. In addition; time-critical applications can be written in assembly language.  

Software data structures, algorithms, integrated development environments, database, resource and knowing the basics like library management is not enough. It is also necessary to have knowledge about the microprocessor architecture used.

Input and output unit (I/O), timer/counter, interrupts, DMA controller, analog to digital converter (ADC), digital to analog converter (DAC), RTC, CRC, Serial Communication Units; SPI, I2C, LIN, CAN, USART  The structure of peripherals, such as communication logics:  Wifi, Bluetooth, RF, RFID, Gsm / Gps / Gprs, Xbee,  Knowledge and experience in memory management issues are also required.

Its embedded software requires years of learning and application experience gained after working on their developed projects.



Before tests and mass production; The design and embedded software need to be verified. Changes will be made on the design in order to reach the most optimum solution.



At the end of each design, prototype production is made to test whether the requirements are met. In this way, it is planned to reduce the costs in the later processes. PCB material and soldering tests are carried out according to defined requirements in the standards.

After providing physical proficiency, the tests of the sections on the electronic card are carried out. Power section, uploading machine code, display menu control, input and output units, communication tests can be given as examples. But this is not enough. Even if the PCB is designed to EMC and EMI rules, it must be done in the tests defined in the specifications or standards. Thus, the way for the product to be the equivalent of its competitors will be opened. For example: Products with EN 45545, EN 50155 and EN 61373 test certificates, which are sought after in the rail system industry, can find customers all over the world.  



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